Beginner’s guide to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is not something that could be learnt with just a read through, though we try our best to give you a quick flash on what SEO is and its essentials.

SEO is a source basically to making your site search engine friendly and to generating all the desired and qualified traffic to your website.

On-Site SEO Elements

Great content and a following list of elements are essential for SEO but on-site SEO optimization is a vital part of SEO. Utilizing these on an average level is very important.
These elements include Meta Description, Title Tag, Bolded Texts, header tags, Internal Links etc. You may also additionally add the Image and ALT Tags in order to make the techniques more effective.

Great Content for Great Traffic

You may have all the tactics intact but if you do not have good content for visitors then it is as if your marketing is great but you’re selling an awful product. Masses of traffic is generated by existing traffic, if your visitor likes your site, they’ll ultimately share it, attracting more traffic.
To add quality content you can put up many things on your sites, the most common ones are Blog posts and Articles. Not only do they make your site more attractive but they help in making visitor stay for longer as they read. You may also have Videos or Podcasts to make your site more interactive and interesting.

SEO Scores

Many sites and SEO concerned pages provide audit for sites in order to display SEO scores, you may audit your site by simply entering your domain and choosing to search for it. This is important as it allows you to see how your site would look when searched, it also helps in removing errors.
After reviewing your SEO scores, you should check and verify that you do not have any errors, issues, and warnings.

Link Building

This element initially requires quiet some research, it take you to the top searches and allows you to be
in the higher ranks. Link building is a very basic and progressive elements as it connects the links of other websites to yours.
The three main type of links one can gain from link building opportunities are the Organic, white hat and blackhat, to avail the chance of link building one should learn about It and make sure their site promotes link building as their ranking is highly based on it.

Google+ Rankings

Making a google+ account helps with building a personalized search result, it boosts up your rank in the search list of those that are link to you by the social network. Taking advantage of it by connecting more on the account and attracting people to connect to you will definitely bring more traffic to your site.

Keep a check on your progress

Though there are many more relevant topics for inclusion in the Search engine Optimization area, it is best to say that keeping a track of your SEO progress is mandatory. Google Analytics, DataforSEO and
Authority Labs are some tools that would help you get the most out of this step.

June 2020