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Hey guys how are you??? Recently heard of the Bloggers nowadays earning more than enough for a living. And you have become curious how does it work OR how can I start my own blog??? No problem, You have come to the correct place where I will expose the actual truth behind the actual methodology that these bloggers use. So if you do not have already a blog and have some doubts about why should you start a blog so check out our article on Why should you start a Blog???

Choosing Your Niche (Topic)…

Now that you know Why should you start your blog so the next step is to find an attractive and high market value niche with low competition for your blog. In this article we are going to to cover some blog niches which are underrated and are really low in use that we believe are the GAMECHANGERS in this new modern blogging era. Well to better understand first you need to go through our article on Which topic is best for blogging??

After covering all the suggested articles you now have an idea about the values of different niches on how they can make you touch the skies of success while on the other hand a small wrong decision just ruins everything. Now lets go to our golden egg <i.e Best and low competition blog topics listing> Without wasting any of your precious time LET THE MAGIC BEGIN.

Most Underrated Blog Niches.

So here is the most underrated precious Blog Topics Listing.


(OPEN YOUR EYES)….. To be more clear to you guys it means that just open your eyes and scan your surrounding in a different illogical way. This may seem to you crazy and it should seem to you crazy because they are after all the #ULTRA_UNIQUE ones. Find that point which has a market value but you refer it in a different way. To be more simple here is an example.

Bicycles in China…

China has the most population in the world and we all know that it is the country of bicycles. So what I mean to say that you can use the idea of bicycles in China. Now it is up to you and how your creative mind makes the best of it. And let’s precise that there are lots of blogs out there related to China bicycles and travelling. But what about the problems faced. There are certainly many problems faced by the citizens because of the extra number of people and extra number of bicycles. Theft of bicycles is also a problem for sure.

So how about showing tips to the seniors and also junior citizens on how to keep their bicycles safe. Well figuring out the way how to keep a bicycle safe from theft is NOT an extraordinary task. You can get tips from the internet itself and just do a little bit of research. Now the main part comes in. Your blog will NOT be about stolen bicycles. NO, It will be about something related to china or related to bicycles and the #how to keep safe your bike from theft and hacks and tips part will be sub niche of your blog.

YES, blogging is all about playing with the psychology of the readers. And it is our own personal experience that the point you want to deliver and what is, your target should be kept light and trust me the miracle happens when you give less importance to something people are curious and that is the nature of human brain that the readers will give importance to it. If you try to impose something on people by force they have an ego and they will never cooperate with it efficiently. Let me know more about your open your eyes ideas in the comment section below.

2. Sports V/S Sports Blog….

Well you would have guessed a little bit from its name. A Sports V/S Sports blog is also an underrated idea. Just pick up two similar sports and create a controversy between the readers. Here I take the example of cricket and baseball. As I mentioned before Internet is always there to help you. So you can take out the details about cricket and baseball from A_Z. But it would be better if you pick up the sport you know about it well. And yes you can pick any sport except FOOTBALL. Yes, I repeat NO FOOTBALL. Because Football being the number one sport has a lot more competition in blogging than you can even imagine. Now after picking two sports you should have many ideas for your blog posts.

Controversial discussions should be the main concept of your blog posts with a little twist of entertaining language with jokes and a soft touch of latest trends and News does the job. And you should add a public interaction column in the blog that who ever give fine reasons in this controversy of this post in the comment section, his name and comment will be highlighted in the next post. So that forces the people to actually interact with the post from the bottom of their hearts. Now the actual part comes in of making money. Affiliate Marketing will be your medium of main income in this type of blog. You can sell affiliate products related to that sport.

3. Tutorials Blog….

If you have finally decided that you are going to blog about tutorials of something that you know very well and you are an expert. So go for it. BUT the normal tutorials about anything you know will be a big flop. People do not want to learn what you know but they want to learn about what they do not know and really need to know. Here is the point, You should make posts that are tutorials of a complex software which people really have hard time learning it. So just pick a software e.g Photoshop. Now the main question reason arises that I do not even know how to open Photoshop so How on earth am I going to teach people about it???? As I mentioned before Internet is always there for you. Never copy paste an article but also never just write your post on the basis of one article you read. Read at least 10 articles about the same topic and just take points from them and gather them in an organized way. You can watch video tutorials to better understand it for yourself so that you can better explain it in your own words. Just go for a research about what type of tutorials are most searched. Photoshop has already a big competition so find a smaller keyword and you think it will be used much in the near future. It is not necessary that it should be a software but it should be what people want, not what you want.


If you go for any niche you will always have to really work hard on it in any cases. Patience is the main weapon behind those successful bloggers in the market.

Secret Tip…

The above following niches can be also used to make a YouTube Channel and it will work because people give more preference to watching videos than reading articles.

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