How To Promote Your Blog???

If you have started writing your blog so then it is great, carry on but if you have not started your blog yet and don’t know why should you start so go and check our post about why should you start a blog.

Once you have started writing your blog so now the next step is : how to drive traffic to it. Because without traffic, without visitors your blog is of no use. Most of the people put all of their concentration on what content to write and publish. The secret formula of a successful blog is 20% writing and 80% of promotion of it.

So now the question arises: where should you promote your blog? Facebook yes of course sharing your articles and content on the dedicated and promotions groups. There is a platform known as Pinterest. Many will be aware of it as it is famous. Pinterest is a platform where you can post any kind of articles and believe me Pinterest has a huge traffic per day. So its simple, all you have to do is to post all your articles on Pinterest and linking your links to the blog. So whoever clicks on it will be redirected directly to your blog.

Twitter is also very efficient and especially it is more active than Facebook in this type of circumstances. Join communities and blogging groups on twitter and follow experienced bloggers and then it is in your hand. BUT remember one thing that never post all your article on Twitter, always post or tweet an effective phrase that is related to your article.

Secret Tip:

Always post an attractive picture with your tweet!!!! THANK ME LATER!!!

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