The Actual Main Concept Of Backlinks In Simple Words.

You would have seen the word BACKLINKS coming in the controversy if you are dealing with SEO of a site. If you do not know what is SEO, so we are soon going to post about it. What are backlinks and how do they affect the ranking of your blog in Google rankings. We searched for it and there is no simple explanation of backlinks on google for newbies like you. There are only advanced guides for backlinks and how to use them and bla bla bla. No problem, Clevertechguru will give you a brief explanation on backlinks for the beginners who even did not heard the name of backlinks.

What are actually BACKLINKS?

First of all it should be clear that all the terminology that arises in the field of blogging are only for one main purpose and that is TO DRIVE TRAFFIC. So BACKLINKS are also one of the main sources to drive traffic.

BACKLINKS as from its name are links of your blog posts that appear in articles of other posts and forums.

There are many websites that offer you backlinks and some can be obtained by personally contacting other blogs and have a collaboration with them to exchange links on each other posts. And having a chance to collaborate with someone is considered as a golden egg. It is really difficult to personally have backlinks from other top sites. That is why some sites and platforms are made specifically to give you backlinks. A term DOMAIN AUTHORITY will come infront of you while dealing with links. Yes domain authority is important and the time you get to understand will affect you in growing your site but no worry for you because we are doing your job. Here is a list of highly trusted and highly rated domain authority sites that will give you links and will certainly help you. Just register yourself in following sites and get backlinks from it. Every site has a different method so just check on YouTube its tutorials.

Function Of Backlinks

The main function of backlinks is to drive traffic to your site. Backlinks affect the ranking of your site in google. Google rankings are affected by over 200 known factors and backlinks is the number one. A blog post having valuable backlinks and highly rated backlinks is ranked highly because Google thinks that there is something in this post that others are suggesting it so it automatically gets a higher rank and more opportunities of organic traffic.

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