Top 3 Rules To Follow For Gaining Pinterest Followers, Secret Tip AT End Will Shock You!!!

First of all the main misconception about Pinterest is that it is social media, But actually it is not counted in social media.

It is a SEARCH ENGINE. Pinterest is one of the underrated platforms on the internet. People just think that Pinterest is a bunch of fancy photos but NO. Pinterest is a lot more than you think. Pinterest is the main and biggest source of driving traffic to your blog. For bigger traffic you need bigger audience and that means you need a lot of followers. Following are top 3 rules to follow for gaining pinterest followers:

1.Using Key words and hashtags

Using famous keywords is the best way to drive organic traffic to your blog and gain followers. If you do not know how to use keywords so then no problem check out our post on How to use keywords on Pinterest.

2.Post Original Images

More than 75% of images on pinterest are repins and there are few original pics on the platform. If you do not know how to make free images and cannot afford photoshop so then you can use to make superb free images. It is the best tool and Clevertechguru uses it personally . Canva is really easy to use and you can have fun while using it.

3.Join Collaborative Boards

Once you have started using pinterest so then you will automatically know what are collaborative boards. If someone invites you to a collaborative board so before accepting the invitation always check the board`s performance on Tailwind. Tailwind is the best tool for all Pinterest users to keep a brief check on your analytics. Remember if you join a board which has overall poor performance(less followers,visitors) so then it can directly affect your personal rankings and analytics.

Secret Tip

Follow other people so in return they follow you back but the secret tip here is that do not follow those profiles which already has thousands of followers instead follow the members who have 20-200 followers as they need followers so in return 100% they will follow you back.

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