What Are Keywords? How To Use Them In Blogging?

Keywords or Keyword is a phrase that is the main concept behind the article. Like the whole concept of the article revolves around this phrase and it is used in SEO. Right now we are talking about keywords so do not be confused with the word SEO. We may explain SEO in our upcoming posts.

What Are Keywords?

Keyword is a phrase on which the whole article of a blog is made. for example : the keyword (Facebook ads) is your keyword. So using SEO you should rank for your article who ever searches on Google the phrase (Facebook ads). Like your article should appear who ever searches the required keyword for it.

How To Use Them In Blogging?

Now the question comes how to use the keywords in blogging. First of all you should select a keyword on which you are going to write an article depending on your niche(topic). Then you should always check the scope of the keyword. For instance if you have picked one keyword so now you should do a little bit of research on how much traffic this keyword drives traffic. This can be done by using some tools for keyword researches. We Personally use the following tools for our research:

So after doing the research you come up with the keyword and you start writing an article on it. But remember the key word should always be present in the main Title of the post and in the only first subheading because if you over optimize the keyword so then it goes wrong for SEO. And also the keyword should be present in the introduction of your article.

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