Why should you start a BLOG ?

If starting a blog is in your mind so here are the reasons why you should start a blog. Following are the concepts covered in this article:

  • What is a Blog?
  • Why should you start a Blog?

What is a Blog?

Well the first question arises that what actually a Blog is?

A Blog is a website or kind of it which is made on a specific topic or commonly on the personal lifestyle of the blogger. People usually do not take Blogging seriously and those who do it only kept their interests up to writing articles and are not even thinking about earning from it.

Nowadays in the modern race of blogging, people have started to take blogs seriously but due to a huge competition in the field, most of them do not succeed. Blogging has become a profession. Blogging does not require any education but it needs a few hacks and tricks for it to become a beneficial source of income.

Why should you start a Blog?

Why should you start a Blog? The answer is simple. For which purpose do you want. There are commonly two main objectives of starting a blog. For money or for your interest as a hobby. Well nowadays 80% of Blogs on the internet are created to earn money. If you want to start a blog as a hobby and do not want any financial benefits from it so it is very easy.

Just start a blog on the topic you are interested in and if your content has depth in it so automatically traffic will drive towards your blog. But if you want to start a blog in order to earn some extra money all you have to do is to follow our guide of blogging step by step and you will become a pro blogger!!!!!!!!!

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