What Are Keywords? How To Use Them In Blogging?

Keywords or Keyword is a phrase that is the main concept behind the article. Like the whole concept of the article revolves around this phrase and it is used in SEO. Right now we are talking about keywords so do not be confused with the word SEO. We may explain SEO in our upcoming posts. What Are Keywords? Keyword is a phrase on which the whole article of a blog is made. for example : the keyword (Facebook ads) is your keyword. So using SEO you should rank for your article who ever searches on Google the phrase (Facebook ads). Like your article should appear who ever searches the required keyword for it. How To Use Them In Blogging? Now the question comes

Top 3 Rules To Follow For Gaining Pinterest Followers, Secret Tip AT End Will Shock You!!!

First of all the main misconception about Pinterest is that it is social media, But actually it is not counted in social media. It is a SEARCH ENGINE. Pinterest is one of the underrated platforms on the internet. People just think that Pinterest is a bunch of fancy photos but NO. Pinterest is a lot more than you think. Pinterest is the main and biggest source of driving traffic to your blog. For bigger traffic you need bigger audience and that means you need a lot of followers. Following are top 3 rules to follow for gaining pinterest followers: 1.Using Key words and hashtags Using famous keywords is the best way to drive organic traffic to your blog and gain followers. If

Top 5 Unique Mistakes New YouTubers Make In 2019.

Here are the top 5 mistakes made by new YouTubers nowadays which become the cause of their failure. You should never do these mistakes even in mistake!!! 1.Discouraged By No Views: This is the most stupid mistake ever made by YouTubers when they start a new channel and start uploading videos and obviously they dont get a response as they are newbies so they get discouraged. NEVER ever do this stupid mistake in your life. If your content is original and solid so then nobody can stop you from getting the expected results. No views in the start is natural and you don`t need to become discouraged. 2.Hurry of Uploading The Video: This might seem a little bit stupid but it is the

Which Topic Is Best For Creating A Youtube Channel In 2019 ???

Youtube has become a full time job in this decade. Everybody wants to join the competition of youtube and earn lots of money and also become famous. But nowadays choosing youtube as your career and succeed in it is quite difficult. The audience wants pure original content and nowadays when people start a youtube channel they cant wait for its result and income due to which they hurry and do not deliver the desired work. Are you also one of those who start a youtube channel and upload a video and then after every hour you come and check the number of views and it is always zero or maybe 1? And are you also one of those who just

Is Youtube A Good Source Of Income?

Youtube is one of the most growing platform on the internet. There is a race of getting subscribers on Youtube. But why? Why do they need so much subscribers? Well actually the answer is that Youtube literally pays to those channels who drive a huge traffic to their site and believe me the amount paid by Youtube is worth a full time job!!! Youtube does not allow any Youtuber to reveal his income because they pay different to everyone on the basis of quality of the content. On addition Youtubers make more by Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. To start a successful Youtube channel you only need two of the following skills: Video EditingOriginal content Consistency Video Editing Video editing is the

Why should you start a BLOG ?

If starting a blog is in your mind so here are the reasons why you should start a blog. Following are the concepts covered in this article: What is a Blog?Why should you start a Blog? What is a Blog? Well the first question arises that what actually a Blog is? A Blog is a website or kind of it which is made on a specific topic or commonly on the personal lifestyle of the blogger. People usually do not take Blogging seriously and those who do it only kept their interests up to writing articles and are not even thinking about earning from it. Nowadays in the modern race of blogging, people have started to take blogs seriously but