The Actual Main Concept Of Backlinks In Simple Words.

You would have seen the word BACKLINKS coming in the controversy if you are dealing with SEO of a site. If you do not know what is SEO, so we are soon going to post about it. What are backlinks and how do they affect the ranking of your blog in Google rankings. We searched for it and there is no simple explanation of backlinks on google for newbies like you. There are only advanced guides for backlinks and how to use them and bla bla bla. No problem, Clevertechguru will give you a brief explanation on backlinks for the beginners who even did not heard the name of backlinks. What are actually BACKLINKS? First of all it should be clear

Top 3 Rules To Follow For Gaining Pinterest Followers, Secret Tip AT End Will Shock You!!!

First of all the main misconception about Pinterest is that it is social media, But actually it is not counted in social media. It is a SEARCH ENGINE. Pinterest is one of the underrated platforms on the internet. People just think that Pinterest is a bunch of fancy photos but NO. Pinterest is a lot more than you think. Pinterest is the main and biggest source of driving traffic to your blog. For bigger traffic you need bigger audience and that means you need a lot of followers. Following are top 3 rules to follow for gaining pinterest followers: 1.Using Key words and hashtags Using famous keywords is the best way to drive organic traffic to your blog and gain followers. If