How To Promote Your Blog???

If you have started writing your blog so then it is great, carry on but if you have not started your blog yet and don't know why should you start so go and check our post about why should you start a blog. Once you have started writing your blog so now the next step is : how to drive traffic to it. Because without traffic, without visitors your blog is of no use. Most of the people put all of their concentration on what content to write and publish. The secret formula of a successful blog is 20% writing and 80% of promotion of it. So now the question arises: where should you promote your blog? Facebook yes of

Why should you start a BLOG ?

If starting a blog is in your mind so here are the reasons why you should start a blog. Following are the concepts covered in this article: What is a Blog?Why should you start a Blog? What is a Blog? Well the first question arises that what actually a Blog is? A Blog is a website or kind of it which is made on a specific topic or commonly on the personal lifestyle of the blogger. People usually do not take Blogging seriously and those who do it only kept their interests up to writing articles and are not even thinking about earning from it. Nowadays in the modern race of blogging, people have started to take blogs seriously but