YouTube Podcasts, The new Future???

The world is changing and progressing day by day. Nowadays due to the current pandemic only YouTube is the sole business which is growing more efficiently than ever. In these days even cringey content can round up a certain amount of attention. But now we are here to talk about the future trends which we think personally are going to be the rulers of the near future. As mentioned before YouTube is the present and is the future. Nowadays #Memers are on some perspective the kings. But what most of people do not acknowledge is the fast growing popularity of podcasts. For those who does not know what a podcast is, it is basically a conversation between

Does Thumbnail Of A YouTube Video Matters?

What Is A Thumbnail? First of all if you do not know what is a thumbnail so let me explain. Thumbnail is the cover of a YouTube video. When you search for a video so every video has pictures or covers on its top which attract viewers. So if your thumbnails are not attractive so automatically you will not get views. But there are two types of thumbnails. Look At Some Of These Thumbnails... Click Baited Thumbnails??? First one is a click baited thumbnail. Many YouTube videos have really attractive thumbnails and something cool is shown on it and when you open the video there is nothing what is shown on the thumbnail. And this is called click bait. My personal advice is

Top 5 Unique Mistakes New YouTubers Make In 2019.

Here are the top 5 mistakes made by new YouTubers nowadays which become the cause of their failure. You should never do these mistakes even in mistake!!! 1.Discouraged By No Views: This is the most stupid mistake ever made by YouTubers when they start a new channel and start uploading videos and obviously they dont get a response as they are newbies so they get discouraged. NEVER ever do this stupid mistake in your life. If your content is original and solid so then nobody can stop you from getting the expected results. No views in the start is natural and you don`t need to become discouraged. 2.Hurry of Uploading The Video: This might seem a little bit stupid but it is the

A Secret Tip If You Have Just Started Your YouTube Channel

As you all know, nowadays the competition in every field has reached its peak. Similarly in YouTube nowadays it is really hard to grow faster and efficiently. Here is a secret tip for growing your channel: By Using Social Media This would rather be common to you but it is not what you think. Facebook and Twitter are hundred of times active and faster than YouTube. So whenever you upload a video to YouTube, always upload it separately on Facebook and twitter. The reason behind uploading your video to Facebook is that whenever somebody shares your video on YouTube so it just take a form of a small link with a small thumbnail. But when your video is shared on Facebook so

Is Youtube A Good Source Of Income?

Youtube is one of the most growing platform on the internet. There is a race of getting subscribers on Youtube. But why? Why do they need so much subscribers? Well actually the answer is that Youtube literally pays to those channels who drive a huge traffic to their site and believe me the amount paid by Youtube is worth a full time job!!! Youtube does not allow any Youtuber to reveal his income because they pay different to everyone on the basis of quality of the content. On addition Youtubers make more by Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. To start a successful Youtube channel you only need two of the following skills: Video EditingOriginal content Consistency Video Editing Video editing is the