Does Thumbnail Of A YouTube Video Matters?

What Is A Thumbnail?

First of all if you do not know what is a thumbnail so let me explain. Thumbnail is the cover of a YouTube video. When you search for a video so every video has pictures or covers on its top which attract viewers. So if your thumbnails are not attractive so automatically you will not get views. But there are two types of thumbnails.

Look At Some Of These Thumbnails…

Click Baited Thumbnails???

First one is a click baited thumbnail. Many YouTube videos have really attractive thumbnails and something cool is shown on it and when you open the video there is nothing what is shown on the thumbnail. And this is called click bait. My personal advice is to not go for click bait because you can only trick the viewers once and for next time they will never click on the video. Our goal here is to drive organic traffic. By organic traffic we mean the visitors which are interested in your content and come back to your channel by their own will.

Honesty Is The Best Policy.

The other type of thumbnail is a correct thumbnail with genuine info. Well if you look at it over all we conclude that thumbnails matter in the beginning to make your own community and have the related visitors. While once you have an established network so then the thumbnails for YouTube videos does not REALLY MATTERS.

How to Make Thumbnails???

Well hear the main question arises is that HOW TO MAKE ATTRACTIVE THUMBNAILS????? There are many ways to make attractive thumbnails but here the main requirement for making an attractive thumbnail is a creative mind. There are many softwares that can be used for making attractive thumbnails but we give preference to Photoshop. If you want to make professional thumbnails so Photoshop is the best choice but it is a little bit costy as it is a paid software. If you want to download Photoshop click here. However is the best free option available and can be used to make mind blowing thumbnails.

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