Is Youtube A Good Source Of Income?

Youtube is one of the most growing platform on the internet. There is a race of getting subscribers on Youtube. But why? Why do they need so much subscribers? Well actually the answer is that Youtube literally pays to those channels who drive a huge traffic to their site and believe me the amount paid by Youtube is worth a full time job!!! Youtube does not allow any Youtuber to reveal his income because they pay different to everyone on the basis of quality of the content. On addition Youtubers make more by Google AdSense and Affiliate marketing. To start a successful Youtube channel you only need two of the following skills:

  • Video Editing
  • Original content
  • Consistency

Video Editing

Video editing is the fundamental pillar of a youtube channel. It is easy. Softwares like Filmora and Camtasia have made video editing really easy. Video editing is not a difficult task. You can learn the basics by watching a few tutorials on Youtube but it depends on the type of videos you want to make. Following are some best video editing softwares:

  1. Wondershare Filmora ( free to download and free to use but it leaves a watermark on the videos when you export them from the software to use it. You can remove the watermark by paying for a membership or there is a hack for it which cannot be shown on the blog. Our personal opinion for the hack is not to go for it even if you find the hack through an external source because the hacks works but it slowly and gradually starts to corrupt the windows if on pc. While there is a completely free app of Filmora available for android in the Google Play Store and does not leaves any watermark )
  2. Camatsia ( Special if you are screen recording )
  3. Apple iMovie ( only for iphones and mac )
  4. Corel VideoStudio ( includes special motion tracking abilities )
  5. Nero Video ( listed because its cheap but not for beginners. And also lacks many functions that the above listed softwares have )

Original Content & Consistency

The basic part in making a successful Youtube channel is to only upload original content. No way you can upload the content which does not belong to you because Youtube analyzes every video ( audio and visual ) during it is processed and if any content found which is not yours so you get a copyright strike or the content may be blocked in some countries or the original owner of the content may decide in some cases. But according to Youtube policy you can use copyrighted content up to 30% by giving credits to the original owner in your video. The best thing is not to deal with these issues and create your own content. If your content is interesting and people like it so there is no way your channel does not get lots of subscribers. Video editing is only the polish. If your shoe is not a good one and is teared here and there and there are holes in it so what is the benefit of a polish? Like that if your content is not good and not original so only video editing will not help it out.


Another main thing is to keep consistency. People usually do not consider a time table for their channel or a routine of uploading videos. The more you are consistent the more your channel become strong. Uploading videos every day is not possible for all the Youtubers so set a routine that you can follow. Uploading twice a week is a golden routine.

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