Top 5 Unique Mistakes New YouTubers Make In 2019.

Here are the top 5 mistakes made by new YouTubers nowadays which become the cause of their failure. You should never do these mistakes even in mistake!!!

1.Discouraged By No Views:

This is the most stupid mistake ever made by YouTubers when they start a new channel and start uploading videos and obviously they dont get a response as they are newbies so they get discouraged. NEVER ever do this stupid mistake in your life. If your content is original and solid so then nobody can stop you from getting the expected results. No views in the start is natural and you don`t need to become discouraged.

2.Hurry of Uploading The Video:

This might seem a little bit stupid but it is the truth and also my personal experience that all the beginners YouTubers are in a hurry to upload videos. And sometimes they leave their videos incomplete due to their hurry. Because of that hurry they even don`t get the time and courage to make an attractive thumbnail for the video. And that’s where they fail because an attractive thumbnail acts like a magnet for attracting views.

3.Buying Expensive Equipment From The Start:

Hey man whats up, I am starting a new YouTube channel so can you tell me about some good cameras and all the accessories shop if you don`t mind.

Like what is going on. When you start a new channel so who gave you the guarantee that your channel will cross Pewdiepie and will earn loads of cash. So if you don’t have the guarantee so why are you buying expensive cameras and microphones. And when their channel does not work so then they complain about the loss. YouTube is a business which can be run without any investment and can make you something. It just needs a little bit of creativity and an intelligent mind on how to use that content effectively.

4.Copying Famous YouTubers Titles And Tags:

That is the most stupid mistake ever seen on earth. The channel is yours and the content is yours so why are you giving titles of famous YouTube videos and tagging your videos with irrelevant famous tags for more views. Remember you have to target that kind of traffic which will come again and again to your channel. You will only once trap the irrelevant visitors to your channel through your irrelevant tags, but think yourself . Will they come again to the channel? Of course NO, so then why are you deceiving yourself.

5.No Hard Work But Expecting More:

Well this mistake is done by not all the beginners but few of them just want money on the first day of their channel. And they dont work hard on editing neither on the content quality but they just keep on uploading videos as a formality and then expect really really more from it.

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