Which Topic Is Best For Creating A Youtube Channel In 2019 ???

Youtube has become a full time job in this decade. Everybody wants to join the competition of youtube and earn lots of money and also become famous. But nowadays choosing youtube as your career and succeed in it is quite difficult. The audience wants pure original content and nowadays when people start a youtube channel they cant wait for its result and income due to which they hurry and do not deliver the desired work. Are you also one of those who start a youtube channel and upload a video and then after every hour you come and check the number of views and it is always zero or maybe 1? And are you also one of those who just wants to upload more and more videos just to fill up your dashboard and most of the videos you upload are incomplete and you did not worked hard on it? Remember, Youtube is considered a full time job and it needs the work you do for a full time job.

So lets get to the point and talk about starting a channel in 2019. If you have learned now about youtube or you did knew but you had not started and now in 2019 you are willing to start your first Youtube channel. Well no problem you can start a Youtube channel in 2019 but due to the huge competition nowadays you will have to know about some tricks and facts. First of all you need to be a good video editor. All you need to do is to download a video editing software and watch some of its tutorials on Youtube and you can learn it within an hour. Second, you will have to pick a niche or topic for starting a Youtube channel. You will be specific on that topic or niche and all your videos will be related to that specific niche. Now how to choose your niche? Here is a list of niches orderly according to their market value by personal opinion of Clevertechguru to start a channel in 2019:

  • The best way to earn money on Youtube is to tell others how to do it even if you don’t know anything !!! Search on Google for some tricks and show them in your video or may be come to our blog and learn from here and make videos about it. May be just record your PC screen and come to our blog and just read the articles in front of the audience and yes you have got your successful channel. ( This is a bonus tip and 70% of Youtubers who teach you how to earn money online are using this trick and may be we also start a channel like this!!! )
  • If you are a good talker or commentator, so then it is really easy for you. You can make vlogs about you and your lifestyle and you travel everywhere and make vlogs. You can also make a reaction channel which is one of the most easiest way of earning money. You just need to comment on the trending videos on Youtube.
  • If you are a good gamer and also a good commentator so then it is really simple. Just record your gameplays, upload them and also talk a little bit while playing and that’s it. The audience wants entertainment. If you are a noob gamer but your talking power is strong so you can also make it.
  • Tutorials !!!!!! Tutorials and DIY is the key to open the locker of Youtube to take cash from it. Even if you do not know any thing about what you are going to make tutorials of. Just watch a tutorial made by another channel and create it yourself. Until sound and video is yours and the idea is of others so do not even care about copyright issues. Trending topic of 2019 in tutorials is making tutorials about different games on how to fix their errors while downloading it and also show some tips and hacks on how to play the game.

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