YouTube Podcasts, The new Future???

The world is changing and progressing day by day. Nowadays due to the current pandemic only YouTube is the sole business which is growing more efficiently than ever.

In these days even cringey content can round up a certain amount of attention. But now we are here to talk about the future trends which we think personally are going to be the rulers of the near future.

As mentioned before YouTube is the present and is the future. Nowadays #Memers are on some perspective the kings. But what most of people do not acknowledge is the fast growing popularity of podcasts.

For those who does not know what a podcast is, it is basically a conversation between a group or two people or more about anything, like literally it is a simple discussion of everyday life between people on any random topic normally involves a session of questions and answers and the host shares his\her opinion to the audience.

So if it is that simple than why is becoming popular day by day. Well the answer is that it is a conversation and the viewers do not need to watch the video if they are not in mood. Some #podcasters have not only their YouTube channels but also shares a radio frequency so that you can listen to their podcast on radio anywhere and anyhow.

Surprisingly people are liking this type of entertainment and the trend is becoming popular day by day. It has not reached the peak these days so it means that whoever is willing to start a YouTube channel in these days, so it would be foolish if the channel is not about or does not involve a series of podcasts.

What does A perfect Podcast Need???

Now the debate comes down to whether every single person on earth can do a podcast? What is required to make your podcast perfect to attract viewers.

Well yes it is a little bit tricky because your podcast should contain sense of humor, sense of comedy, perfect story telling timing, and your original personality. Faking your personality and trying to show the world you are another cooler person, is the first mistake. Loosing confidence in your work because not getting that views and attention, is the second mistake.

As it is mentioned on various posts on this blog that patience is the main strategy to play this monopoly of online earning and freelancing. If You want to learn more about blogging from the beginning click here. And if you still have not come across or watched a podcast, Click here to watch now.